Recent Media References and Commentary 2013

Resource Rulers continues to garner media commentary right across the country.

It’s been available on Amazon since January 2013 when its arrival coincided with: a) the breakdown in dialogue between the AFN and the PMO, b) Chief Spence’s ‘hunger strike’ and resulting media frenzy, c) and the surprising rise of the grassroots ‘Idle No More’ protest movement. In fact, the combination of these three factors caused the national and regional native leadership to collectively  ‘head for the hills’  (to co-opt a term coined by a leading native strategist to describe the overall lack of resolve to engage in constructive dialogue on any issue at any level of government).

This consultation vacuum has been going on for nine months now. Although it’s good news for Resource Rulers readers because it means that the book’s content remains completely up to date; with no further editorial comment required other than to say that the native leadership still remains missing in action.

Thus other commentators are now filling the void with intelligent articles based on the research and arguments contained in Resource Rulers. Here are just three that I think are value-added to the issues now playing out on Canada’s road to resources.

Yukon News reporter Jacqueline Ronson has dug-in to the applicable law governing the proposed (ie controversial) opening up of the Peel watershed. For northern watchers, her analysis is an excellent primer for following future developments.

Read the Yukon News story


Wawatay News commentator Peter Globensky penned an accurate overview of Ontario’s exceptionally poor performance in its resources sector based on the ‘time-warp’ paradigm that I developed in ‘Resource Rulers’. His commentary is important given that he was a former senior policy advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister.

He takes the province to task on a host of issues currently impeding the Ring of Fire:

Read the Wawatay News article


Stratéjuste commentators likewise referenced Resource Rulers in a feature article in support of Resource Revenue Sharing; a concept central to promoting constructive dialogue and a proposed solution that is (alarmingly) falling by the wayside given the complete lack of engagement by the national and regional native leadership:

Read the Stratéjuste blog post
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