Resource Rulers Book Reviews in Early 2014

Two important and independent book reviews of Resource Rulers, both representing a generation younger than the author, have recently issued and are surprisingly insightful.

  1. Here’s the take by editor owner Lisa Charleyboy of Urban Native Magazine. Read Lisa’s review.

    Resource Rulers gave me a great sense of understanding of this intersection and the important role that Aboriginal people have in shaping the future of development in Canada. The book gives an overview of the legal “winning streak” that Aboriginal people are having in the resource sector, from forestry, to energy, to oil and gas, and mining. Finally I was able to see these industries from a bird’s eye view over the implications and issues in the Aboriginal context.

  2. And here’s the take by communication consultant / strategist Andrew Frank:

    Bill Gallagher does an excellent job of documenting the demise of ill-conceived resource development projects in his book Resource Rulers: Fortune & Folly on Canada’s Road to ResourcesAmong the many lessons in the book, is one akin to the adage, “government’s defeat themselves”, or (with a twist), “government’s undermine their own regulatory reviews.”

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