A Path Forward

The next decade of natural resource development in Canada will almost certainly be fraught with the ongoing potential for low-level conflict. That’s because natives and eco-activists each boast impressive legal winning streaks and as a result are seemingly on a collision course with government and industry.

As any reader of Resource Rulers now knows to be a truism; it’s natives who determine project outcomes in every region of the country. Thus having the right native engagement strategy is the key to project success. Bill Gallagher embodies all the skills and attributes needed in today’s fast-paced environment in order to to guide proponents through the regulatory maze, impact benefit agreements, corporate/native dialogue, treaty priorities and cross-cultural dialogue and sensitivities. His demonstrated track-record across Canada involves major energy approvals, facilitating mining IBAs, treaty negotiations, constructive regulatory outcomes and accessing conflict zones. Gallagher offers a path forward, with a unique skill-set and strategic approach that is a value-added insurance policy for those involved in maximizing Canada’s natural resources potential.