Top Ten ‘Resource Rulers’ National News Connotations

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In keeping with my Resource Rulers approach, here are 10 (evolving) events that I profiled over a year ago as having the potential to decide resource sector outcomes: 10. Premiers Dunderdale and Redford both walked-the-plank having run Tory governments that were (are) mired in resources controversy and native litigation. Might it have been different had they paid more attention to that key relationship? 9. As a direct result, Premier Alward lost Redford as his only co-sponsor for Energy East. They were recently in photo-ops together at...

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The Sudbury Star – Ontario ‘on roadway’ to dialogue on resource extraction

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Finally some important progress made in Ontario’s Ring of Fire – nice to see! Carol Mulligan was kind enough to interview me as part of a recent article in The Sudbury Star. Read The Sudbury Star article

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New Prosperity Mine – Native Legal Win # 191

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The Order in Council that gave this ill-executed project the ‘thumbs-down’ comes from the highest authority in government – the federal cabinet. Thus the ministerial order, following a quasi-judicial regulatory outcome, is akin to a major court ruling. It’s a huge win for the native side. This outcome followed a concerted lobbing effort by industry, politicians, and local interests who went to Ottawa and engaged with ministers. So did the opposing side – except the highest they got was the ADM level. No matter. The decision...

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PDAC Keynote Speaker on March 3, 2014

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I’m honoured to be a Keynote Speaker at 2014 Prospectors and Developers (PDAC) annual conference Monday March 03 at 10:10 am. My presentation will address: “Aboriginal Empowerment in the Resource Sector”. Please visit the PDAC website for more details and to add the session to your...

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Oilsands Diplomacy: January 22-24, 2014

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Just one month after my presentation in Ft. McMurray at the “Energy and the Oilsands Conference” (co-sponsored by Ft. McKay First Nation and the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business) the biggest roadblock holding up the next major oilsands project was amicably resolved. That conference was a remarkable display of sophisticated First Nation empowerment that skillfully brought about a major rapprochement. Here are a couple of media articles that will put you there and give you a sense of how ‘Resource Rulers’ ultimately decide the...

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Resource Rulers Book Reviews in Early 2014

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Two important and independent book reviews of Resource Rulers, both representing a generation younger than the author, have recently issued and are surprisingly insightful. Here’s the take by editor owner Lisa Charleyboy of Urban Native Magazine. Read Lisa’s review. Resource Rulers gave me a great sense of understanding of this intersection and the important role that Aboriginal people have in shaping the future of development in Canada. The book gives an overview of the legal “winning streak” that Aboriginal people are having in...

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Ring of Fire – Winter Recap

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Over the winter I wrote two articles on the ill-fated Ring of Fire for Wawatay. The first article had to do with matching the Cliffs project to Voisey’s Bay; and for skeptics in the mining industry who don’t believe ‘history repeats’. Read the article on Republic of Mining – Ring of Fire: Voisey’s Bay replay. Both the Voisey’s Bay and Ring of Fire projects were discovered by prospectors who were out looking for diamonds in remote regions of Canada. Both discoveries triggered massive staking rushes and wild stock speculation...

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Quebec vs Newfoundland: The Hydropower Race to Market

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There are no coincidences on the road to resources! Premier Dunderdale resigned on the same day Grand Chief Coon Come assumed an expanded (Cree) jurisdictional role. As a result, Quebec continues to leapfrog ahead of its faltering competitor. Read the full article on First Perspective –  Quebec v. Labrador: natives and the hydropower sweepstakes. Here was realpolitik at play: Quebec was once again redrawing its watershed map by conceding even more power and jurisdiction to the Crees. The Crees will now co-manage a much larger land base...

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Native Legal Win #190

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There’s little doubt that the native legal winning-streak will attain # 200 in 2014. Here’s legal win # 190, notable as it’s in Treaty 8, the treaty that hosts the oilsands: Implications for Alberta’s Oilsands (external link). The oilsands implication is this: the court spends pages reviewing and summarizing Treaty 8 legal precepts (duty to consult, honour of the crown, and key precedents). If just one trapper can generate this much legal vindication, imagine what an entire First Nation can accomplish, or a group of First Nations...

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Three More Native Legal Wins in Fisheries

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Not every native legal win qualifies. Having said that they are still native wins! Read my full article on First Perspective – Three More Native Legal Wins in Fisheries (but I’m not counting them!). Taken together, these three fishery rulings, on both coasts, show that natives are assuming their new mantle as ‘Resource Rulers’ in a responsible and fair-minded fashion. It appears, going forward, that it’s intended to be an inclusive fishery with key protections for the native subsistence lifestyle. Do we have to have our courts...

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