Strategic Skills

Adaptive thinking with a regional, national and global reach:

I offer a strategic take on what works and what doesn’t in the volatile world of resource development. Many projects fall victim to the silo-effect; seemingly unaware that the same make-or-break issue was determinative in a different resource sector. Thus it’s in this key respect that I call myself a ‘silo-buster’!

My skills can be ranked as: strategist, communicator, regulatory lawyer, facilitator and government relations. Without the correct strategy and communications, all the rest is incidental. I bring a unique blend of trans-disciplinary, social intelligence and cross-cultural competencies to resource projects, that are not typically found in-house. Services include:

  • Due diligence overview of native empowerment landscape
  • Review and comparison of previous projects / approaches
  • Proposed strategy for collaborative approach
  • Corporate training in cross-cultural aspects of dialogue
  • Impact benefits agreements: negotiations strategy
  • Regulatory approval / funding strategies
  • Investor relations (value creation advantage)
  • Conduct of negotiations / props / precedents
  • IBA ratification process strategy
  • Communication and issues management throughout

Projects today succeed or fail based on how their business case stands up to public scrutiny and how they resonate in the corporate social responsibility domain. Native issues and environmental issues are now determinative factors in deciding both outcomes. Outright challenges to projects at the outset – can become synergies – given my sophisticated treatment of the subject matter.